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Successful marketing happens when you have good network. Our marketing strategies intently focuses on growth, making connections between Los Angeles and Japan -- we are helping expand businesses by connecting people, networking opportunities, and empowerment -- setting people up for success! 

What makes us different than most marketing agencies is that we are here for our customers to provide them with support with growth branding, networking, and knowledge sharing -- Customer satisfaction guaranteed! It is very important to our CEO that our customers have the best experience because she knows first hand how challenging it can be to start and build a business. 

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. Please continue to get to know what we do at Matsuda Mediagroup LLC: 


The Full Story

私が初めてロサンゼルスへ訪れたのは6年前、今思うと右も左もわかりませんでした。言葉が通じない事から沢山の出費と時間を消費した6年間を振り返り、培った経験と知識を元に、この会社Matsuda Media Group (MMG) LLCを設立させて頂きました。私たちは日本とアメリカを繋ぐ架け橋です。



We are here for you!!!



Social Media Marketing

ようこそMatsuda Media Group LLCへ。



特に10兆人ものユーザーが存在するInstagramは今や大きなビジネスマーケティングとして世界から重点を置かれていて弊社のInstagram Growthサービスは人気サービスの1つです。

ソーシャルメディアマーケティングは特定されたターゲット層に見て頂かなければ意味が無く、また人の目に止まった時に惹きつける要素がないと育ちません。弊社は長年に渡りInstagram Growthに特化した経験豊富で信頼性の高いサンフランシスコの会社(Growth God) と提携し、常に最先端のGrowthサービスをクライアント様にご提供させて頂いて居ります。





Marketing Growth

Doing Business the Right Way

 One of our most popular services is social media branding marketing, Instagram Growth services.

 We do not use a robotic hacking system but stand by a marketing system that provides authentic engagement to build your brand through increasing traffic to your instagram page. We dedicate our time to find the right synergy to meet your targets. When we meet with you it is important for you to tell us more about your brand and business goals so we can determine what is the best marketing strategy. 


Instagram Marketing📈

Here is a case study of our talented photographer's Instagram Growth, Before, After 1 day and 2 weeks.

IMG_3598 3.jpg
IMG_3601 3.jpg
IMG_3602 6.jpg



After 1 day


2 weeks



On Point Targeting

Please take a look at the on point targeting
we can do for your brand


Content Branding, Marketing

Content Marketing

The Content Marketing Institute, an online resource for information on all things content marketing related, defines content marketing thusly:

Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable client/customer action.

At Matsuda Media Group, we have extensive knowledge and experience with online content direction. Misaki Matsuda, has over 15 years of experience of marketing development and brand building. During this time, she learned that it requires major attention to detail and a keen sense of content design in order to build a successful brand. 

With the ever fast and growing online industry and social media world, it is becoming harder and harder for new individuals/companies to compete with those who are already established. It now requires a concise understanding for how to ensure exposure. 

Many people/companies are not aware that their lack of content design misrepresents their image or deters an interest in them. This is when it requires a professional to come in and access, restructure, and revamp the content in order for them build business and start making any profit.  

We at Matsuda Media group are here to help guide you towards success. 


The Full Story

Why focus mainly on Instagram?

There is a 100 billion users all over the world on Instagram ...... (Users = Followers, Followers = Clients/customers, Customers = Revenue) -- so much opportunity on Instagram for successful marketing! There are so many people are on social media but Misaki and her team use their unique strategy to build and expand businesses (brands).  

Our Strategy

The essentials that are needed to market your business (brand) on social media is a good strategy, posting management, and content creation and design. The key function is to increase traffic on your page. By collecting research we create the right marketing targets to build/expand your business (brand). With the right hashtags, we make it easier for potential fans/consumers to find your social media page. After fans/consumers find your page what keeps them 

engaged is your content! To attract traffic to your social media accounts it takes the right content! If you do not have good content most likely instagram users will not follow your page. If you do not have good content, don't worry that is where we come in. At Matsuda Mediagroup LLC we are here for our clients.

Please review our client case studies to see before and after photos of content design. 


Client testimonials



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Meet Our Team

Get to Know Us


Want to learn more about the amazing team behind Marketing? Get in touch, we’re always happy to hear from our customers.


Founder + CEO (English/ Japanese)

Misaki has 10+ years of experience working as a fashion model, fashion blogger and social media influencer in her home country of Japan. After gaining many fans and using her platform to help others build their brands, Misaki then decided to launch her own multinational media company, Matsuda Mediagroup (MMG).

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