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Matsuda Media Group was founded with the vision of being more than just a Marketing Agency. We set out to inspire and empower each and every brand that we work with by building relationships founded on trust, creativity and high impact results.


A Note from Our Founder

Misaki Matsuda

“Moving to Los Angeles was not a decision I made lightly. Like most immigrants, I came here wanting to achieve the American dream. But the reality is that it is not as easy as one thinks. Moving to Los Angeles meant adopting to a culture completely new and different than mine. Different language, mindset, lifestyle, laws and even humor. When I first moved to Los Angeles knowing zero English, I realized that it was easier for others to take advantage of me. I was limited, but there was no one I could trust but myself. Fortunately, I survived the transition and was determined to learn more than the language but the culture. I have been living here in Los Angeles for more than 3 years and as much as one thinks they are fluent in another language, it is the culture that sets a community apart. 
MMG was created because I genuinely wanted to create a company that people could trust. People like me, people seeking an opportunity to succeed outside of their home town.  A company looking for the best interest for both the client and the business. A win win. So, what did I learn? That you can’t do it on your own. That is why I have created a company with professionals from multiple cultures whom can speak multiple languages including Japanese, French, Russian and Spanish. MMG is the company I wish I knew when I moved to Los Angeles."

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