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Organic Growth for a Photographer

Below you can see a Growth Case Study for a client who was looking to expand her network and increase her followers organically . 



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Japanese Marketing

MMG has been working with a numerous amount of brands based in or out of Japan. As an American company with a Marketing Team that is fluent in the Japanese culture and language, we are positive we can help your business expand and thrive into the US market. It is crucial for a Japanese brand to understand that translating a website and social media captions online is not enough. There are studies that show that foreign brands thrive better when they have a Marketing Manager or Agent that is fluent in the American culture and language to handle the brands marketing over seas. That is where MMG comes in, we are the bridge between Japan and the US to help you launch a successful brand here is The United States. With a CEO that is a native of Japan, you can trust that we are not here to fool or take advantage of you but rather help you succeed, because when you succeed we succeed with you! 

For more information, please reach out to one of our Japanese representatives:

Misaki Matsuda

Kyoka Takahashi

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